Monday, June 7, 2010

Gossip Girl.

Dan and Blair

I'm becoming a little obsessed with Dan and Blair. They're just so... sexy. And the scenes they have together are so snarky and adorable and they just look so damn good together. There is so much potential there!!! I can't believe the writers have paired together nearly everyone on that show but these two... it better happen. Either way here are some of my favourite Dair fics.

The Mean Reds by artemis_sparks (WIP, also work as one shots)

[PG-13 Tragedy works for her]

Oh Miss Sparks, give us part two... pretty please, with sugar on top. I really liked this, it's probarbly one of my very favourite Dair stories out there. The last scene is just so cute. I loved that it was from Dan's point of view and i just want Blair to fall for him so much.... Did i mention how much i liked this story?!

Note- there's now a part two! Hooray. Now i want part three and part four. I still read the two parts regularly. They're so good!

Before the Glaciers Drown Us by irishmizzy (One Shot)

[PG-13 Growing up and making out and being awesome instead: one year at Yale]

What a fantastic year at Yale. I love the university-ness of it all. How Blair fits and how Dan and Blair are actually friends first. And the Eric scene makes me giggle everytime. Love this one shot.

The Only Thing Worse by diamondinsanity (One Shot)

[PG-13 She doesn't know how it begun]

See... see what potential Dair have!! It could be as nice as what this author's done here.

A Summary of Moments by abvj (One Shot)

[PG-13 It makes more sense than one would think- the two of them]

Another lovely one shot about future Dan and Blair.

The Poison is in the Sugar by corleones (One Shot)

[If there aren't any promises between them- then why there aren't any lies either]

This fic is amazing. It's the kind of way you could really imagine Blair and Dan getting together. And the Nate parts in there are so sweet too. Another fantastic Dair.

A Little Pomp and Circumstance by gatheringlight

[PG-13 She felt the shift. Heard the scratch of a line being drawn them, seperating then from now. As though her past was something she could discard like a too-tight pair of shoes at the end of the evening]

Another beautiful Dan/Blair future AU story. I love the starting and ending line of Dan's novel. Perfect. I would also recommend gatheringlight's What Happened to the Daisies? for another great read.

Park That Car, Drop That Phone, Sleep on the Floor, Dream About Me by Lint

[PG-13 It's because of the holidays she tells herself. Goodwill towards men and all that sanctamonious cheer]

So that season four scene where we found out that Dan and Blair were the only ones left in the city over the break was such a great scene. And since we didn't get to see what they got up to over the break i like to read this and pretend that's what went down. Lint does a lovely job!

Also make sure to read Lint's AU aftermath of the Dan/Blair fight over the W Internship in To Delete Message, Press Seven. And Lint's AU aftermath to the Dan/Blair hand holding scene in her story Only, Here to Fill a Void. In fact you should really just read all his stories over at his LJ as they are all fantastic.

Her Hair Spread Out In Fiery Points by corleones (One Shot)

[Caught between two opposites and her heart thumps in response. She fears she'll never be ready]

Corleones has a lot of great Dair fics so it's worth checking out her journal to see the others, but this particular one is a real favourite. I really love Blair in this story.

Translations in B Minor by Jacobella41 (One Shot)

[Dan had always only meant to deposit a cheque, pick up a pie for thanksgiving, meet a blonde at a photo shoot]

Jacobella41 is another author who has written a few Dair fics and everyone of them, no matter how short, is so good. So worth the read. This one is my favourite but you need to check out all her stories. She writes so well... and i just love all the references that are in her work. Plus Dan and Blair are meant to match each other in intelligence so it works so well.

A Thousand Luscious Splinters, its companion All The Little Cuts and the sequel to both Bury Me in An Avalanche of Tingles by cashewdani (Completed)

[PG-13/R She tries to remind herself that he's just Dan Humphrey, her best friend's ex boyfriend from Brooklyn for God's sake, and that she needs to stop being so spastic.

Pg-13/R He takes her on walks of Brooklyn and tries not to hold her hand.

Pg-13/R "Oh my god, you like him!" Serena gasps, and at that point, Blair has to give the Upper East Side glare she's been working on since kindergarten]

What a superb trio of stories. This is just amazing. I love the first two and how they're told from different perspectives and the sequel is such a nice end. Plus i kind of like that the pull has on Chuck isn't totally forgotten.

Hear My Voice in Your Head and Think of Me Kindly by Bob5

This is delicious. "Blair drags her nails down his chest and rides him into next year"... yes please. Bob5 creates an intricate story in a short amount of time and Blair is all powerful, just the way i like her.

Too Blind To Know You Best by everything_inme (One Shot)

[R Maybe she is in love with him. At the end of the day, it still means nothing]

I love the words in this story. The way Dan laughs "against her mouth in syllables that are too long and too snake-like to be her name". How amazing is that description. This is a very talented writer and an amazing story.

When All I Want is You by holycitygirl

[PG-13 He shrugs because letting her know that she was right is always wrong. If his wrist hurts from typing, from scrawling four pages of ideas and notes pent up and eager to get out- she doesn't need to know]

Again another very talented Dan/Blair writer. Holycitygirl's LJ is worth checking out because it is full of fantastic Dan and Blair stories. She captures the moments between the two so well and i'm constantly impressed by all her stories. Definietly all worth a read.

Dirty Pretty Things by everything_inme (One Shot)

[NC-17 Need is not love and regret is always the watchword]

Best till last? When it comes to this then yes. This is my favourite Dair story... and i think i've read nearly everything that's available. The author describes this as a 'beast' and i would say yes. It's a beast. Of epically amazing proportions. It's just so good. And Blair and Dan are so sweet. I love part two where they're in a relationship. The author makes it so effortless and the change that Blair goes through is kind of what i wish would happen instead of the way tv-Blair is heading... but i digress. This story is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

2015 additions


I also thought i'd share a few of my favourite Dair vids that are floating around. Unfortunately since the GG writers don't know when a good thing is right in front of them there aren't heaps of D/B scenes in the show. Don't get me wrong... there are some great ones. But not heaps. So... the people that have made this vids are particularly talented because they're not working with heaps and look how good they make the couple look.

It helps that i'm a massive fan of this song but it's amazingly edited too. By acmmproductions over at youtube. I can't embed it but here is the link

Next by gerardsEmoGirlfriend this vid is so. so. sexy.

Now for a different take on the Dan/Blair relationship. luvinbigbrother has created a video that has a really intricate and interesting story line. Love it even though i'm not the biggest fan of the song.

Ahh too many vids to choose from. This next one by luckybitch is set to Breathe by Sia. Anything that's ever including this song is always a win. It's awesome. This is more like a love triangle look at B/D but she makes the right choice ;)


jacobella41 said...

thanks so much for the rec! and i agree with all of the other stories! before the glaciers drown us and dirty pretty things are actually the stories that made me a dair shipper :)

j said...

I bookmarked this link for a very long time now and I only got to finish everything today.
(Slowly but surely is my middle name after all.)
I can't even count how many times i squealed while reading them. You're lucky you can even rank them. I can't.
They're all sooo good. All of them posted here are the things I'd most likely add to my own compilation of dair fics too.
btw i also took my time fangirling at the stories the writer who commented before me. :]

Thanks sfm for this!

lint138 said...

Thank you for the recs, and kind words. And I agree that all the others here must be read. Don't know if you saw my comment in LJ, but just going to say again that I am not a she or a her, but a him.